Polygel Nails

Polygel, the new and revolutionary product created by Gelish, is transforming the nail industry as we know it. Polygel can be applied over natural nails or over nail tips to extend the length of the nail, creating nail extensions that are more flexible than acrylics and stronger than gels.


The consistency of Polygel is like putty making it extremely moldable. Your nail tech will apply the Polygel to the nail and, using the Slip solution, be able to shape the Polygel to your nail. Unlike hard Gel the Polygel formula is not self-leveling nor does it harden over a certain period of time like acrylic. This gives your nail tech more room to manipulate the shape of the nail over a longer period of time. The Polygel formula will not set until it is cured under an LED lamp allowing maximum flexibility.


Polygel on Natural Nails – €45

Once the Polygel has been cured your nail tech will gently buff the nail to smooth the surface. A gel base coat is then applied and cured as normal followed by a colour of your choice. To finish off a top coat is applied. Et voila the perfect manicure!


Why choose Polygel?

Polygel has no odour

Polgygel will not produce airborne dust

It is lighter on the nail than acrylics, but stronger than hard gels

It can be easily manipulated

Produces the perfect shape, every time!


Polygel with Nail Tips to extend the length – €60


Polygel Colour (including application of tips) – €60

Polygel French (including application of tips) -€65

Refills for Polygel colour – €50

Refills for Polygel French – €55

Polygel on Natural Nails – €45

Polygel French on Natural Nails – €50

Polygel Removal – €25 

*To remove Polygel nails your nail tech will file the product off and any excess will then be soaked off.

Our nail technician Nina has over 10 years experience in the nail industry. Hailing from the beautiful Croatia she is expertly trained in applying nail extensions, including gels and acrylics, and is extremely excited that we are now stocking Polygel by Gelish. Her care and attention to detail when applying Gelish polish shows just how dedicated she is to her craft and she is skilled in creating a flawless look. If you want perfection, choose Nina!





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