Color.Me – Kevin Murphy

CityWax are proud to announce that we are now one of the exclusive salons in Ireland offering Color.Me by Kevin Murphy. The revolutionary hair colour range for salons by the iconic brand will launch on the 29th of June in CityWax. *patch test required 48 hours in advance



Color.Me is gentle on even the most sensitive scalps and delivers exceptional results. The formula of Color.Me allows stylists full creative control and the ability to create custom colours for a truly unique look for their clients.

We are offering a 20% discount on all hair colour for clients until the 13th of July – Get Booking!


Why choose Color.Me by Kevin Murphy?

Natural Ingredients

Color.Me is infused with naturally derived ingredients including shea butter, honey and aloe vera. These natural ingredients help to nourish and restructure the hair from root to end.

Rich in Anti-oxidants

Color.Me is rich in anti-oxidants that provide UV protection. No more faded colour in Summer!

Ammonia and PPD Free

Color.Me is free from harmful chemicals often found in other hair colour brands including ammonia and PPD. If you suffer from irritation following a trip to your local salon then Color.Me is for you.

Full Grey Coverage

Color.Me provides full grey coverage on un-pigmented grey hair. If you’re looking for even coverage that will last on even the most stubborn hair then look no further than Color.Me.

Cruelty Free Hair Colour

The Kevin Murphy brand is proud to be cruelty free and with their new Color.Me hair colour range receiving approval from PETA it is no wonder why clients are choosing the new brand as their first choice in hair colour this Summer.

Multi-tonal Results

Color.Me respects the natural colour pattern of virgin hair creating multi-dimensional colour on every strand of hair. If you are seeking a rich, shiny and long-lasting colour then Color.Me is the brand for you.

Intermixable Shades

The formula of Color.Me allows stylists to create unique hair colours specific to the client. Stylists love Color.Me as they have complete creative control over the look they can create for their clients.

See our pricelist below:



*patch test required 48 hours in advance



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