Jet-setting this Summer?

If you are heading abroad this Summer then look no further than CityWax for all of your pre-holiday prep.

Whether a relaxing trip to to the South of France or party holiday to Ibiza, we have the treatments that will keep your legs smooth, your hair in check and your nails looking fabulous!

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If you didn’t know by now we are proud to exclusively use Lycon wax. It delivers superior performance when tried and tested against other leading brands and our clients have, time and time again, told us that it is far less painful than other brands of wax used on their skin elsewhere. It is great for first-time waxers who are apprehensive about the treatment or for men who do not regularly wax their chest, abdomen or back.


Heading away with the lads? Want to ensure you get a perfectly even tan or just conscious of excess body hair? Book in for waxing with one of our professional Lycon waxers, for a less painful wax. We offer chest, abdomen, back & shoulders, legs and underarms. For a full pricelist see

I cannot stress enough how important after waxing care is, particularly if you are leaving the country and heading into the sun. It is vital that you wait at least 48 hours before exposing freshly waxed skin to the sun and that you bring an exfoliator, spray or cream specifically designed to combat sensitivity or redness following waxing. If you are not a regular waxer the skin is more prone to reaction and so our male clients will particularly benefit from a spray and a soothing lotion to ensure the skin does not develop red bumps, ingrown hairs or become infected.  My favourites are below:
Untitled design (44)

We also have a range of Kevin Murphy minis to keep your hair protected and looking flawless while in the sun. The minis are 40ml and we stock all of the washes and rinses (shampoos and conditioners) that Kevin Murphy has to offer. They are the perfect size to pop in your carry-on bag.

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My favourite products for holiday protection are the Young Again spray and the Repair Me Leave in Treatment. The Young Again spray is applied to freshly washed hair and protects against heat and the environment. It intensely conditions the hair, calming down those pesky fly aways and is perfect to protect your hair against damage from styling tools.


Young Again €32

The Leave-in Repair Me treatment is perfect for hair that has been subjected to alot of damage after a day in the sun, jumping into the pool or swimming in the sea. It restores the hair and nourishes it from within ensuring a tangle-free mane that’s soft to touch and ready for another day.


Leave-In Repair €32

So, whether you are heading on a holiday to sunny Spain or an adventurous trek through the jungle in Thailand choose CityWax for all of your beauty needs. CityWax – your number one salon for waxing and haircare!




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