Female Waxing Styles

Here in CityWax we want to ensure that our clients are not only comfortable but also informed. We want to ensure that clients understand the treatment from beginning to end, that they know the lingo and aren’t afraid to ask for what they truly want.

Have you ever called a beautician red-faced trying to explain the waxing style you’d like because you’re unsure of the name? Me too! As a social media manager I had no clue what the difference between a G-string wax or a Brazilian wax was before beginning my amazing journey in CityWax and I’m sure alot of you reading are also not 100% sure. But, fear not! I’m here to help.


The number one thing you have to remember is that we have heard it all. Don’t be afraid to explain the type of waxing you want to the receptionist on the phone. She is trained and will know exactly what you’re looking for and can also make a suggestion i.e. if you’re going to be wearing a bikini a Basic Bikini wax probably won’t be suitable. It is also important to note that if you are a new client explaining what you would like is vital due to the fact that names of waxing styles vary from beautician to beautician and your old beautician’s Basic Bikini, may be our Californian.

CityWax also use Lycon wax exclusively which is less painful than other brands used in many beauticians. Trust me, I used to dread that 5 week mark when it was time to book again, until I started working in CityWax. The girls are amazing and that is coming from someone who was committed to my local beautician and is now a true Lycon fan. I will never go anywhere else!

So, let’s get down to the lingo:

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Make sure that you wear loose clothes coming to your appointment!

Once you arrive to your appointment your therapist will pop you into a room to get ready in private. Our rooms are equipped with radios or TVs with Netflix (a great distraction may I add) lined beds and fresh disposable towels.


If you are getting a Basic Bikini or a Californian your therapist will leave disposable underwear on the bed. If you are getting more than a Californian removed no underwear is worn. Remember all of our girls are fully trained, have years of experience and do this for a living, however if you are uncomfortable let her know and she will do what she can for you. We want to ensure that your time with us is as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

One of our policies in CityWax is “No Double Dipping Allowed”. Double dipping is when a beauty therapist will dip the same spatula into the wax pot more than once. Imagine if you were getting your eyebrows waxed and the client before you had gotten their hollywood done – yuck! We throw away each spatula after use to ensure that bacteria does not transfer from client to client. However, this is not a common practice in Ireland. For your own health and safety ensure that you ONLY use a beauty therapist or salon who practice NO DOUBLE DIPPING!

After waxing care is very important to prevent stubborn in-grown hairs or red bumps. We stock a full range of Lycon after-waxing care including exfoliators, sprays, moisturisers and sugar scrubs.

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I personally have found In-grown X-it Solution to be a miracle product to relieve red bumps and Body Exfoliant and Tea Tree Soothe are staff favourites also. Discuss after waxing care with your therapist and she will advise  you what products will work best for the issues you may experience. Even if you haven’t experienced bumps before, your body is always changing, reactions change over time. Prevention is always better!

If you have any questions please feel free to call 021-4350706 where our receptionist, one of our beauty therapists or little old me will answer and be able to discuss anything you want to chat about! There is no such thing as a stupid question, so ask anything!

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