Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Great Lengths hair extensions are City Wax’s number one hair extensions brand. Founded over 25 years ago, with locations in over 60 countries worldwide it is no wonder why Great Lengths continues to be our clients’ first choice. Great Lengths extensions are ethically sourced and 100% human hair. The company are committed to ethical practice ensuring that all proceeds from the purchase of the hair go directly to the local communities from where it originates.

Great Lengths offer a variety of lengths and tones to match client’s hair thickness and colour. We offer FREE consultations with our head stylist to ensure that client’s receive the exact colour, length and thickness suited to their hair. Before your consultation make sure that your hair has been coloured to the tone and colour you are happy with as following the consultation no alterations should be made to the hair before the extensions are applied.

Hair extensions are not just applied to create length, they can also be applied if you have thin hair and would like to create a thicker look. Our hair extensions come in a variety of lengths and our head stylist will create a unique order for you following your consultation.

See some of our work below:

hair extensions

Our client had amazing thick hair already but she wanted to add length. What a stunning transformation! Why wait years to grow your hair when you can have it overnight with Great Lengths? 021-4350706

hair extensions4

Our client was struggling with thinning hair. We didn’t add any length but transformed her own natural hair by applying extensions to thicken her hair and add volume. Amazing natural look! 021-4350706

hair extensions1

Our client had beautiful freshly highlighted hair so we opted for bright, cool-toned extensions that lifted her look in an instant. Her hair was instantly transformed and her natural hair and extensions blended seamlessly. 021-4350706

hair extensions3

Our client had stunning, healthy hair just below her shoulders and wanted to add length. We transformed her look by adding glossy, dark brown Great Lengths extensions that look natural and blend well with her natural hair. 021-4350706

hair extensions2

Our client had long hair that was thinning at the ends and wanted to create a multi-tonal look by adding blondes and coppers to her dark brown hair. We ordered a variety of shades from Great Lengths ensuring that all colours blended nicely together and created our “SoSueMe” look!     021-4350706


To book an appointment with our head stylist please call 021-4350706 or you can also book online at



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