Summer is Coming…

Summer is only around the corner and that means it’s almost time to start planning an epic Summer vacay. Whether it’s a short weekend break down in Kerry, glamping with the girls or a more epic adventure backpacking through South East Asia, City Wax has got you covered! Below, I have put together a list of dos and don’ts – an adventurous girl’s guide for beauty while holidaying this Summer.

Wax, don’t shave!


My first piece of advice for anyone this Summer is to bin your razors. In order to get that 100% smooth finish it is vital that you ditch those razors and start waxing NOW! Shaving only cuts the hair at the point it protrudes from the skin and that is why that sleek feeling does not last more than a few days. Waxing, however, removes the hair from the root and regular waxers can expect to have smooth legs for up to 3 weeks (depending on an individual’s hair growth) and that is why waxing has become the preferred method of hair removal for those heading abroad – no fuss, no mess, just hair-free bliss!

At City Wax we only use Lycon Wax to ensure our clients experience less pain during their waxing appointment. We also stock a full range of aftercare products including exfoliators, sprays and soothing creams to keep the skin silky for longer.


Use Fake, don’t Bake!


Long gone are the days when baby oil was applied to skin while sitting in 30 degree heat and thank goodness for that! Now that we know the dangers of UVA and UVB rays it is vital that we protect our skin – not just from premature ageing but also skin cancer. Forget trying to naturally tan your pale Irish skin, it’s not going to happen without putting yourself at risk, and instead opt for a professional spray tan before you leave the country.

City Wax offer a variety of professional spray tans including Bellamianta, Vani-T and also Cocoa Brown. Our beauticians are all fully trained and will discuss how dark you want your tan and also the tone of the tan you want. Pick up a Bellamianta mousse or a Vani-T Bronzing custard on your way home to keep your tan from fading while abroad.


Forget Polish, Choose Gelish


There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport, lifting and pulling heavy luggage, only to get on the plane and see that your manicure has chipped. A simple file and polish, though cute and often inexpensive, just cannot withstand the heavy duty pulling and hauling that comes with travelling. Instead, I recommend opting for a Gelish two week manicure.

Gelish applies like a polish however it is set under an LED lamp. If the nails are kept hydrated by using the Gelish cuticle oil following application the polish will last 1-3 weeks with no lifting or peeling and the best part is CityWax will remove your Gelish manicure for free upon your return. We have a variety of Gelish colours to choose from which can all be topped off with a matte or shiny top coat. See our many blogposts on Gelish by flicking through our menu on the top of our blog.


Leave the Mascara at home!

Untitled design (66)

Hello eyelash extensions! The perfect way to rock the no make-up look abroad is to casually sneak in a set of lash extensions before boarding the plane – we won’t tell if you won’t! Lash extensions are perfect for holidays abroad when make-up becomes an after-thought and mascara is a HELL NO! Who wants black streaks running down their face? We definitely don’t! For longer, thicker lashes that last between 2-4 weeks book in for a full set of Miss Glamorous Russian Volume lash extensions. Enjoy fun and flirty lashes whether sunning yourself in Salou or backpacking through Europe – and they say inter-railing isn’t glamorous. 😉

If you have any questions about beauty treatments, their lasting power or booking appointments on a deadline and budget, feel free to get in contact on 021-4350706. Alternatively you can book a range of appointments in advance with our online booking system at or through our app.


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