Struggling to find that perfect gift for your boyfriend, dad or even best guy friend? We have got you covered. Not only do CityWax stock the full range of KEVIN.MURPHY products for women, we also stock the amazing Stimulate.Me Wash and Rinse for men along with the many styling products created specifically for shorter hair.


Stimulate.Me Wash (Shampoo) €23

Stimulate.Me wash is a refreshing daily shampoo for men. Camphor Crystals, Bergamot Mint & Black Pepper awaken and clarify hair & scalp. Sulphate and paraben free.

stimulate-rinse (1)

Stimulate.Me Rinse (Conditioner) €23

Stimulate.Me Rinse is a refreshing daily conditioner for men. Camphor Crystals, Bergamot & Black Pepper help to soothe and cool the hair and scalp.


Thick Again – Leave In Thickening Treatment for Thinning Hair €34

Thick Again is perfect for thinning hair. Spray onto the root and scalp and through damp hair, blowdry or leave to dry naturally. This product will thicken and strengthen the hair.

KEVIN.MURPHY also stock a range of styling products with a variety of strengths for all hair types. So, whether you’re a guy obsessed with style or a girl rocking a pixie cut these next few products are for you.


Free Hold – Flexible €24

FREE.HOLD is a medium hold styling creme perfect for everyday wear. It is flexible which means your hair still has room to move. The styling creme gives the hair a natural shine and creates a thickening effect on the hair. Holds your style in place while not compromising the hairs natural flow and movement. Apply to damp hair or use on dry hair before styling.


Undressed – Fibre Paste with Flexible Hold €24

UN.DRESSED is a paste with a firm hold with just enough elasticity to create an undone, loose, natural look. Flexible hold with a matte finish. For a styled look with room to move, perfect for a grown out pixie cut.


Supergoo – Firm Hold Rubbery Gel €24

SUPER.GOO is a setting and molding gel with a firm hold. This gel is rubbery, non-flaky and water soluble. Perfect for slick looks.


Easy Rider – defining anti-frizz creme €24

EASY.RIDER is a medium, yet flexible hold defining creme created specifically for those looking to tame frizz. De-frizz and activate those perfect curls by applying to damp or dry hair.


Rough Rider – Moldable Styling Clay €24

ROUGH.RIDER is a strong hold clay that creates a matte, defined look. Provides a strong hold.


Night Rider – Maximum Control €24

NIGHT.RIDER is a texture paste with the toughest hold. Creates a rough, matte texture in the hair and is perfect for shorter choppy looks. It gives little time to work with before it sets the look in place. Your hairstyle will not budge with this baby! Perfect for windy days.


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