The Manicure that Lasts


CityWax are proud to say that we exclusively use Gelish as our long-lasting manicure brand. Gelish was the first brush-in-a-bottle gel polish ever created and it is no wonder why millions of bottles have been sold worldwide and continue to be the number one choice for salons internationally.

When you arrive for your Gelish manicure your nail technician will first ask you to choose a colour from our range. We have so many in stock it’s a good idea to come with a colour in mind.

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The nail technician will then sanitise both your hands and nails. She will then push back your cuticles and clean the nail. CityWax do not cut cuticles due to the health risks involved and the potential risk of nipping the client. We are  100% committed to our clients’ health and safety and have strict policies in place to ensure that all of our clients’ thoroughly enjoy their experience with us.

You will then be asked what shape you would like the nail to be filed and whether you would like to keep the length or shorten them. We want to ensure that your nails are the perfect length and shape for you.

Your nail technician will then gently buff the nail and then wipe the nail with Hand & Nail Harmony Cleanser using a lint free wipe. She will then apply a pH Bond to neutralise the nail plate followed by the Gelish Foundation as a base before any colour is applied. Your hand will then be placed under an LED lamp to cure the base. The tacky surface will then be removed with a clean dry wipe.

Finally – the colour application! Our nail technicians are highly trained girls who are meticulous when it comes to polish application. We want to ensure that your nails are 100% perfect to ensure they last over a week and a half so expect some serious concentration faces once this step begins.

Once your nail technician is happy with the first layer of polish your hand will be, once again, placed under the LED lamp to cure. For darker coverage we repeat these steps, sometimes applying 2-3 layers depending on client preference. Once you are happy with the colour and overall application your nail technician applies a top coat called Top It Off to seal the polish and ensure that it does not budge. Your hand is placed into the LED lamp for the final time, it will be wiped again with Hand and Nail Harmony Cleanser.

You will then have cuticle oil applied around the edges of the nails. Et voila – the perfect manicure!

CityWax offer FREE Gelish polish removal to all of our nail clients.

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This process involves buffing off the top coat of polish and soaking the nails in wraps for 15-20 mins. The Gelish polish will then peel away from the natural nail.

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You can have Gelish polish re-applied immediately after removal if you wish to do so, depending on the condition of the nail. The client in the pictures is a regular, her nails have never been damaged or dehydrated following Gelish removal as she regularly applies cuticle oil and ensures her hands and nails are kept hydrated while wearing Gelish polish. CityWax sell mini bottles of cuticle oil for €7.50 and I highly recommend that every nail client purchase one – they are small but pack a punch and last months.

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