KEVIN.MURPHY – Skincare for the Hair

021-4350706 or Book Online: 

A revolutionary line of hair products created for all hair types imaginable with one clear message – treat your hair as you do your skin. With a variety of products, all paraben and sulphate free,  it is no wonder why KEVIN.MURPHY haircare products are difficult to keep in stock. In just over one week we ran out of our favourite REPAIR.ME and our clients just cannot get enough.

All ingredients used by the brand are ethically sourced from plant ingredients worldwide and KEVIN.MURPHY is PETA approved. The packaging is also recyclable so totally Eco friendly – what’s not to love!

See our full range of shampoo/rinses below:

blonde angel wash

Blonde Angel Wash – €24  Lavender Infused Colour Enhancing Shampoo for Blonde Hair


angel wash

Angel Wash – €23 Recovery Shampoo for Fine, Fragile or Broken Coloured or Damaged Hair 


balancing wash

Balancing Wash – €23 Antioxidant Rich Shampoo for Everyday Washers. Strengthens Hair, Protects Against Colour Fade

hydrate me wash

Hydrate Me Wash – €23 Smoothing and Hydrating Wash for Normal to Dry Hair

luxury wash

Luxury Wash – €23 Rich Moisturising Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair

Maxi Wash

Maxi Wash – €23 Detoxifying Shampoo. Helps to Clear Scalp. Use before Other Shampoo for Ultimate Nutrient Absorption

Plumping wash

Plumping Wash – €26 Re-densifying Shampoo for Fine and Thinning Hair

Repair Me wash

Repair Me Wash – €26 Reconstructing Shampoo with Powerful Protein. Strengthens while Gently Removing Impurities

Stimulate me wash

Stimulate Me Wash – €23 A Refreshing Daily Shampoo for Men

Young Again Wash

Young Again Wash – €26 A Restorative Shampoo containing 20 Amino Acids. Anti-ageing properties to give Youthful Shine to Hair



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