The Press Loves Dermalogica

While sitting down getting my hair styled by the fabulous Rebecca (a City Wax newbie and amazing hairdresser) I, of course, picked up a magazine or two in the hope that something would catch my eye. Once I flicked passed the celeb gossip and the many ways to tone up my bum and tum I was surprised to see a familiar logo peering back at me – Dermalogica!

Look magazine’s Megan Penfold, a self proclaimed Dermalogica addict, reviewed both the Dermalogica Microfoliant and Superfoliant in a great review highlighting exactly why City Wax will always be proud to stock the skin care brand.

See the review below:


Formulated without artificial colours and fragrances Dermalogica is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. The Daily Microfoliant, a worldwide favourite amongst Dermalogica fans, is a rice-based powder that reacts with water to polish your skin and help you achieve a brighter and smoother complexion. It is a firm favourite among our clients and a product we love to use during our custom facials.

The new addition to the City Wax Dermalogica range is the widely praised Daily Superfoliant, a highly-active resurfacer which helps to tackle imperfections caused by pollution. Like the Daily Microfoliant, the Daily Superfoliant also activates when it comes into contact with water. This product is perfect if, like many of us, you are living in a city or built up area where pollutants in the air can be very damaging to the skin.

The brand has certainly revolutionised the way I and my colleagues care for our skin and once your skin therapist picks those products following your skin consultation you will never need to look at another brand ever again.
For a personalised skincare routine, created to ensure your skin looks and feels the best it can, pop into City Wax today. Call: 021-4350706 or Book Online: 


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