Hair Removal Experts – Waxing at City Wax!

Have you ever had razor burn? That red, blotchy stinging sensation that sometimes follows shaving and leaves you itchy and sore. Razor burn is not only painful but can also be a source of embarrassment for some men and women. That is why at City Wax we promote safe, professional waxing and ask our clients to ditch their razors and choose Lycon wax instead. waxing-insta

See the many reasons below why we believe that waxing is better than shaving:

  1. Waxing eliminates razor burn completely as you are no longer removing the hair with a blunt or dull razor
  2. Waxing is less time consuming – you get waxed once and it lasts weeks as opposed to day-to-day shaving
  3. Waxing regularly reduces re-growth – hair will grow back finer and much slower after a while. Goodbye stubble, Hello Smooth!
  4. Saves money – in City Wax we offer waxing courses for 3, 6 and 12 months. Pay once and pop in for your maintenance wax whenever you are free at NO EXTRA COST!
  5. You’re smoother for longer – we recommend that clients come back to us within 4-5 weeks of their first appointment to ensure ultimate maintenance

So, what’s stopping you? Book your waxing appointment today: 021-4350706 or Online:


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