Let’s Talk about Tan!

Sunbathing in Ireland is only possible about 4 days a year and even then most of us turn a stunning shade of pink rather than the golden brown we were longing for. Therefore, it is no wonder why 90% of us choose to fake it. Ah yes! Fake tan. Gone are the days when you robbed your mam’s bronzing cream from her bathroom when she wasn’t looking and ended up a lovely orange hue not even Trump could pull off. Thank heavens for that! Now we can safely leave it to the professionals.

At City Wax we stock three of Ireland’s top selling spray-tans  -VaniT, Bellamianta and Cocoa Brown. All three tans have been tried and tested by our staff and all staff have been trained in correct application to ensure you receive the best service – no one likes a streaky tan!

Our most popular tan at the moment is VaniT, an Australian, award-winning, luxury tan endorsed by celebrities such as Dani Minogue. VaniT develops in 8 hours (we recommend leaving it over-night), is kind to the environment, cruelty free and does not contain any harsh chemicals. VaniT is the perfect tan for clients who are looking for that post holiday-glow!


Bellamianta is the newest member in the City Wax tan family, but already it has become our client’s second favourite and with celebs such as Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe) raving about this tan it is no wonder why the popularity is growing! Bellamianta is quick drying and hydrating, it boasts no tan smell (which I can confirm) and develops into a stunning golden olive tone. It is suitable for dry and sensitive skin and even better develops in only 4-6 hours. It is an Irish brand and a tan we are proud to stock it in City Wax.

image1-3 (1).jpg

SoSueMe rocking Bellamianta on her trip to Thailand

Cocoa Brown is the perfect tan for working girls who are in a rush. This tan develops in only 1-3 hours and with a quick rinse you’re good to go!

For the perfect product, professional application and amazing aftercare tips pop into CityWax!


Kylie Jenner loves Cocoa Brown

021-4350706 for bookings or Book Online:


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