Gelish: We Put a Writer to the Test

Gelish are a brand we love here in City Wax as the polish cures fast under an LED lamp and lasts up to two weeks without chipping. We thought it would be a great idea to test the lasting power of Gelish polish and who better to test it than someone who types for a living. Our client Tasha writes every single day, for hours on end and has always found that regular polish chips or cracks under the constant strain of tapping the keyboard.

Your appointment was over a week ago. How did the manicure last?

To be honest I was skeptical at first, no polish has ever lasted more than a few days as I am constantly typing. I find that the tips of my nails are always chipped or cracked and so I was eager to see if Gelish could prove me wrong.

I arrived in City Wax last week and was given a warm welcome at reception. I sat down, filled out a client form and was then taken to the nail room. I was so surprised at how large the salon was! My nail technician’s name was Shannon, a lovely chatty girl who was an absolute perfectionist with my nails. The whole appointment took no more than 40 minutes and with no drying time I was able to go about my normal day without the risk of smudging.

The picture below is a picture of my nails having been through quite a bit. I write for a living so for the past week I have been constantly typing and, as this was a test of endurance, I was not careful with my nails at all! The results speak for the themselves. There’s not a scuff, mark or chip in sight. Delighted!


Our Gelish Colour Manicure is discounted to €25 this month only. Pop in to get that perfect manicure today: or Call: 021-4350706

Colours used: Rendezvous Gelish Polish with a Matte top Coat & Morgan Taylor Sweetest Thing on the ring finger!


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