Summer is Coming…

Summer is only around the corner and that means it’s almost time to start planning an epic Summer vacay. Whether it’s a short weekend break down in Kerry, glamping with the girls or a more epic adventure backpacking through South East Asia, City Wax has got you covered! Below, I have put together a list of dos and don’ts – an adventurous girl’s guide for beauty while holidaying this Summer.

Wax, don’t shave!


My first piece of advice for anyone this Summer is to bin your razors. In order to get that 100% smooth finish it is vital that you ditch those razors and start waxing NOW! Shaving only cuts the hair at the point it protrudes from the skin and that is why that sleek feeling does not last more than a few days. Waxing, however, removes the hair from the root and regular waxers can expect to have smooth legs for up to 3 weeks (depending on an individual’s hair growth) and that is why waxing has become the preferred method of hair removal for those heading abroad – no fuss, no mess, just hair-free bliss!

At City Wax we only use Lycon Wax to ensure our clients experience less pain during their waxing appointment. We also stock a full range of aftercare products including exfoliators, sprays and soothing creams to keep the skin silky for longer.


Use Fake, don’t Bake!


Long gone are the days when baby oil was applied to skin while sitting in 30 degree heat and thank goodness for that! Now that we know the dangers of UVA and UVB rays it is vital that we protect our skin – not just from premature ageing but also skin cancer. Forget trying to naturally tan your pale Irish skin, it’s not going to happen without putting yourself at risk, and instead opt for a professional spray tan before you leave the country.

City Wax offer a variety of professional spray tans including Bellamianta, Vani-T and also Cocoa Brown. Our beauticians are all fully trained and will discuss how dark you want your tan and also the tone of the tan you want. Pick up a Bellamianta mousse or a Vani-T Bronzing custard on your way home to keep your tan from fading while abroad.


Forget Polish, Choose Gelish


There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport, lifting and pulling heavy luggage, only to get on the plane and see that your manicure has chipped. A simple file and polish, though cute and often inexpensive, just cannot withstand the heavy duty pulling and hauling that comes with travelling. Instead, I recommend opting for a Gelish two week manicure.

Gelish applies like a polish however it is set under an LED lamp. If the nails are kept hydrated by using the Gelish cuticle oil following application the polish will last 1-3 weeks with no lifting or peeling and the best part is CityWax will remove your Gelish manicure for free upon your return. We have a variety of Gelish colours to choose from which can all be topped off with a matte or shiny top coat. See our many blogposts on Gelish by flicking through our menu on the top of our blog.


Leave the Mascara at home!

Untitled design (66)

Hello eyelash extensions! The perfect way to rock the no make-up look abroad is to casually sneak in a set of lash extensions before boarding the plane – we won’t tell if you won’t! Lash extensions are perfect for holidays abroad when make-up becomes an after-thought and mascara is a HELL NO! Who wants black streaks running down their face? We definitely don’t! For longer, thicker lashes that last between 2-4 weeks book in for a full set of Miss Glamorous Russian Volume lash extensions. Enjoy fun and flirty lashes whether sunning yourself in Salou or backpacking through Europe – and they say inter-railing isn’t glamorous. 😉

If you have any questions about beauty treatments, their lasting power or booking appointments on a deadline and budget, feel free to get in contact on 021-4350706. Alternatively you can book a range of appointments in advance with our online booking system at or through our app.

CityWax App

Here in CityWax we know that it can be difficult to find time to call or even keep track of your appointments. That is why we have created an app for both Apple and Android customers.

The app can be found on iTunes or the Play Store and better yet, it’s FREE! Simply download and install the app, enter the email registered with CityWax, choose a password and you’re good to go!

Untitled design (91)

On our Apple iTunes app clients can also see their Treatcard and all the treats they can avail of with their points. This section is currently under development in our Google Play app also – so Android users don’t despair!

Untitled design (90)

With the app clients can feel totally at ease when booking. You can choose your favourite therapist, choose your preferred time, add on treatments and best of all receive DOUBLE POINTS for booking online. Downloading our app takes the hassle out of having to call our busy phoneline and allows you to keep track of times and dates with ease as they are right there on your phone.

If you have any queries regarding our app or any of our treatments call us on 021-4350706 or you can also book online using our online booking system on our website

Eyelash Extensions

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Longer, fuller and darker lashes have always been seen as a beautiful feature and that is why eyelash extensions have become so popular in recent years. Lash extensions both extend the length and add thickness of your natural lashes in an instant. They last between 2-4 weeks depending on the level of aftercare undertaken by the client and are perfect for warmer weather when even waterproof mascara is put to the test.

Untitled design (56)

CityWax offer a variety of styles of lash extensions ranging from the simple “mascara look” to our fullest Russian Volume set. Prices range from €50 – €100 and all of our beauticians are Miss. Diva certified.

Below I have put together a list of FAQ to help any clients thinking of getting lash extensions applied.

  • How do I prepare my lashes for eyelash extensions?

Clients must ensure that they have NO eye make up on before their eyelash extensions appointment. We recommend removing all traces of eye makeup particularly mascara or eyeliner at least 24-48 hours before the appointment.  If using an oil based cleanser it is vital that all traces of oil are washed from the lashes as this could affect the application process.

  • How are eyelash extensions applied?


One of the clients natural eyelashes is isolated using a special tweezers and an eyelash extension is applied using glue specifically designed for use on eyelashes.

CityWax provide two types of lash extensions application – the classic style of one-to-one and Russian volume. One-to-one lash extensions are when one eyelash extension is applied to one of the client’s natural lashes. Both our Miss Cute and Miss Elegant sets of eyelash extensions are applied in this way. During Miss Cute application 50 lashes will be applied to each eye and during Miss Elegant application 75 lashes will be applied to each eye. Both of these looks are catered to clients who are looking for a more subtle mascara-look.

Russian Volume is quite different to one-to-one application in that between 2-6 hairs are first hand-made into a fan during the appointment and then these 2-6 hairs are applied to the clients individual lashes. Russian volume lash extensions create a more full and dramatic look and are recommended for girls who wear makeup and are used to wearing false lashes.

  • Will eyelash extensions damage my own natural lashes?

Eyelash extensions will cause no damage to your own lashes if the instructions given by your therapist are followed carefully. After your appointment you will receive an aftercare sheet specifying what you should and should not do after the eyelash extensions are applied. It is vital that clients follow these instructions. You will also be given a spoolie (a brush for lashes) so that you can comb through your lashes daily to keep them fluffy.


  • What will happen during my appointment?

Your therapist will first discuss the type of lashes you are getting and the results you can expect. Results will entirely depend on the client’s own natural lashes. You will then be asked to lay down on the bed and a blanket will be placed over you. Ensure that you are comfortable and if you are not make the therapist aware and she will adjust the bed accordingly.

Your therapist will then ask you to close your eyes and separate the top lashes from the bottom lashes using special tape or a gel pad. Again, let your therapist know if the position of the items used are uncomfortable. Once everything is in place your therapist will begin applying the lashes. You should not feel anything more than your eyelashes being separated gently as the lash extensions are applied away from the lash line and the glue will not touch your skin.

Once the lashes are applied your therapist will ask you to keep your eyes closed for a few seconds. It is important that you do not open your eyes prematurely as this may result in stinging from bright lights in the room etc. Your therapist will remove the tape or pads carefully and brush through the lashes to ensure they are equally full.

  • How long will my appointment take?

Eyelash extensions application time varies depending on the set chosen. Miss Cute lashes take just over one hour to apply. Miss Elegant lashes take an hour and a half to apply and our fullest set, Miss Glamorous take up to two hours to apply.

  • Will I be able to go about my day as normal following application?

Yes, you will be able to go about your day as normal following lash extensions application.

I hope this little FAQ helps all our clients contemplating getting lash extensions done for the Summer months. I, personally, adore having them done.

To make an appointment please call: 021-4350706 or you can book online and receive double points on your treat card:



Struggling to find that perfect gift for your boyfriend, dad or even best guy friend? We have got you covered. Not only do CityWax stock the full range of KEVIN.MURPHY products for women, we also stock the amazing Stimulate.Me Wash and Rinse for men along with the many styling products created specifically for shorter hair.


Stimulate.Me Wash (Shampoo) €23

Stimulate.Me wash is a refreshing daily shampoo for men. Camphor Crystals, Bergamot Mint & Black Pepper awaken and clarify hair & scalp. Sulphate and paraben free.

stimulate-rinse (1)

Stimulate.Me Rinse (Conditioner) €23

Stimulate.Me Rinse is a refreshing daily conditioner for men. Camphor Crystals, Bergamot & Black Pepper help to soothe and cool the hair and scalp.


Thick Again – Leave In Thickening Treatment for Thinning Hair €34

Thick Again is perfect for thinning hair. Spray onto the root and scalp and through damp hair, blowdry or leave to dry naturally. This product will thicken and strengthen the hair.

KEVIN.MURPHY also stock a range of styling products with a variety of strengths for all hair types. So, whether you’re a guy obsessed with style or a girl rocking a pixie cut these next few products are for you.


Free Hold – Flexible €24

FREE.HOLD is a medium hold styling creme perfect for everyday wear. It is flexible which means your hair still has room to move. The styling creme gives the hair a natural shine and creates a thickening effect on the hair. Holds your style in place while not compromising the hairs natural flow and movement. Apply to damp hair or use on dry hair before styling.


Undressed – Fibre Paste with Flexible Hold €24

UN.DRESSED is a paste with a firm hold with just enough elasticity to create an undone, loose, natural look. Flexible hold with a matte finish. For a styled look with room to move, perfect for a grown out pixie cut.


Supergoo – Firm Hold Rubbery Gel €24

SUPER.GOO is a setting and molding gel with a firm hold. This gel is rubbery, non-flaky and water soluble. Perfect for slick looks.


Easy Rider – defining anti-frizz creme €24

EASY.RIDER is a medium, yet flexible hold defining creme created specifically for those looking to tame frizz. De-frizz and activate those perfect curls by applying to damp or dry hair.


Rough Rider – Moldable Styling Clay €24

ROUGH.RIDER is a strong hold clay that creates a matte, defined look. Provides a strong hold.


Night Rider – Maximum Control €24

NIGHT.RIDER is a texture paste with the toughest hold. Creates a rough, matte texture in the hair and is perfect for shorter choppy looks. It gives little time to work with before it sets the look in place. Your hairstyle will not budge with this baby! Perfect for windy days.

The Manicure that Lasts


CityWax are proud to say that we exclusively use Gelish as our long-lasting manicure brand. Gelish was the first brush-in-a-bottle gel polish ever created and it is no wonder why millions of bottles have been sold worldwide and continue to be the number one choice for salons internationally.

When you arrive for your Gelish manicure your nail technician will first ask you to choose a colour from our range. We have so many in stock it’s a good idea to come with a colour in mind.

Untitled design (50)

The nail technician will then sanitise both your hands and nails. She will then push back your cuticles and clean the nail. CityWax do not cut cuticles due to the health risks involved and the potential risk of nipping the client. We are  100% committed to our clients’ health and safety and have strict policies in place to ensure that all of our clients’ thoroughly enjoy their experience with us.

You will then be asked what shape you would like the nail to be filed and whether you would like to keep the length or shorten them. We want to ensure that your nails are the perfect length and shape for you.

Your nail technician will then gently buff the nail and then wipe the nail with Hand & Nail Harmony Cleanser using a lint free wipe. She will then apply a pH Bond to neutralise the nail plate followed by the Gelish Foundation as a base before any colour is applied. Your hand will then be placed under an LED lamp to cure the base. The tacky surface will then be removed with a clean dry wipe.

Finally – the colour application! Our nail technicians are highly trained girls who are meticulous when it comes to polish application. We want to ensure that your nails are 100% perfect to ensure they last over a week and a half so expect some serious concentration faces once this step begins.

Once your nail technician is happy with the first layer of polish your hand will be, once again, placed under the LED lamp to cure. For darker coverage we repeat these steps, sometimes applying 2-3 layers depending on client preference. Once you are happy with the colour and overall application your nail technician applies a top coat called Top It Off to seal the polish and ensure that it does not budge. Your hand is placed into the LED lamp for the final time, it will be wiped again with Hand and Nail Harmony Cleanser.

You will then have cuticle oil applied around the edges of the nails. Et voila – the perfect manicure!

CityWax offer FREE Gelish polish removal to all of our nail clients.

Untitled design (48)

This process involves buffing off the top coat of polish and soaking the nails in wraps for 15-20 mins. The Gelish polish will then peel away from the natural nail.

Untitled design (49)

You can have Gelish polish re-applied immediately after removal if you wish to do so, depending on the condition of the nail. The client in the pictures is a regular, her nails have never been damaged or dehydrated following Gelish removal as she regularly applies cuticle oil and ensures her hands and nails are kept hydrated while wearing Gelish polish. CityWax sell mini bottles of cuticle oil for €7.50 and I highly recommend that every nail client purchase one – they are small but pack a punch and last months.

Untitled design (51)

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Lyco’pedi – Treat Your Feet

Introducing Lycon’s signature foot treatment – Prep you feet for the warmer days ahead!

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lyco pedi professional pedi kit

As a salon that uses Lycon wax exclusively CityWax were very excited when the brand announced that they were releasing a range of luxury pedicure products. Lyco’pedi, a treatment created with natural botanical extracts and fortified with the powerful hydrating and rejuvenating properties of Hyaluronic acid, fruit AHAs and Shea butter with added benefits of Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Marine Collagen, is the perfect treatment for smooth, youthful looking feet.

A lyco’pedi pedicure has been proven to relax, rejuvenate and re-energise. Don’t believe me? Just ask one of our many staff members who have recently experienced the treatment first-hand.


We begin with a refreshing soak to purify, cleanse and revive the skin. We then exfoliate using the lyco’pedi sugar scrub to remove dead skin cells from the feet. Exfoliation is followed by the callus remover which softens and removes hard callused skin safely and effectively – your health is very important to us!

The lyco’pedi massage lotion is then applied, this lotion is deeply hydrating and at this stage we encourage our clients to sit back, relax and unwind. For youthful looking skin we use the rich hydrating mask which wipes away easily leaving no residue on the skin and the smoothing cream replenishes, moisturises and naturally exfoliates and softens hard skin and calluses.

The treatment is over one hour of pure indulgance and the hardest thing you will have to do is choose your favourite nail polish colour. So, why wait?

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KEVIN.MURPHY treatments & masques – for those who like to give their hair extra care and attention!

*prices subject to change


Angel Masque – €32 A Repairing and Thickening Conditioning Treatment for Fine, Dry Coloured Hair


Body Mass – €34 Strengthens Hair, makes it appear Thicker and Fuller Instantly and Improves Quality over time


Born Again – €34 For Extremely Damaged and Dehydrated Hair


Hydrate Me Masque – €32 A Repairing and Smoothing Masque


Restore – €32 Cleansing Conditioning Treatment to Reconstruct Damaged Hair


Smoothe Again – €32 A Leave-In Smoothing Treatment to Eliminate Frizz for Silky Hair


Staying Alive – €23 A Weightless Leave-In Treatment to Protect Hair

thick again

Thick Again – €34 Thickens Hair and Prevents Breakage


Untangled – €24 A Leave-In Conditioner to Detangle, Strengthen and Restore Hair. Added Heat Protection


Young Again – €34 A Weightless Leave-In Treatment Oil. Protects Against Heat and the Environment

young again masque

Young Again Masque – €32 A Deep Conditioning and Restorative Masque to renew Youthful Lustre to Dry Brittle Hair

killer curls

Killer Curls – €24 A Leave-In Anti-Frizz and Defining Cream


Step two in the haircare process:


Angel Rinse – €23 Volumising Conditioner for Dry Coloured Hair


Blonde Angel – €24 Soften and Moisturise Bleached or Lightened Hair


Hydrate Me Rinse – €23 Super Smoothing and Hydrating Conditioner for Hair that just cannot be Repaired


Luxury Rinse – €23 Makes Thick Course Hair more Supple and improves Flexibility


Plumping Rinse – €23 A Thickening Conditioner


Repair Me Rinse – €26 Reconstructing Strengthening Conditioner


Stimulate Me Rinse – €23 Refreshing Daily Conditioner for Men


Young Again Rinse – €26 Nourish and Restore Youthful Lustre to Dry, Brittle or Damaged Hair


KEVIN.MURPHY – Skincare for the Hair

021-4350706 or Book Online: 

A revolutionary line of hair products created for all hair types imaginable with one clear message – treat your hair as you do your skin. With a variety of products, all paraben and sulphate free,  it is no wonder why KEVIN.MURPHY haircare products are difficult to keep in stock. In just over one week we ran out of our favourite REPAIR.ME and our clients just cannot get enough.

All ingredients used by the brand are ethically sourced from plant ingredients worldwide and KEVIN.MURPHY is PETA approved. The packaging is also recyclable so totally Eco friendly – what’s not to love!

See our full range of shampoo/rinses below:

blonde angel wash

Blonde Angel Wash – €24  Lavender Infused Colour Enhancing Shampoo for Blonde Hair


angel wash

Angel Wash – €23 Recovery Shampoo for Fine, Fragile or Broken Coloured or Damaged Hair 


balancing wash

Balancing Wash – €23 Antioxidant Rich Shampoo for Everyday Washers. Strengthens Hair, Protects Against Colour Fade

hydrate me wash

Hydrate Me Wash – €23 Smoothing and Hydrating Wash for Normal to Dry Hair

luxury wash

Luxury Wash – €23 Rich Moisturising Shampoo for Dry/Damaged Hair

Maxi Wash

Maxi Wash – €23 Detoxifying Shampoo. Helps to Clear Scalp. Use before Other Shampoo for Ultimate Nutrient Absorption

Plumping wash

Plumping Wash – €26 Re-densifying Shampoo for Fine and Thinning Hair

Repair Me wash

Repair Me Wash – €26 Reconstructing Shampoo with Powerful Protein. Strengthens while Gently Removing Impurities

Stimulate me wash

Stimulate Me Wash – €23 A Refreshing Daily Shampoo for Men

Young Again Wash

Young Again Wash – €26 A Restorative Shampoo containing 20 Amino Acids. Anti-ageing properties to give Youthful Shine to Hair